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Atleta Ako Virtual Challenge 2022

This year, both women and men can now join the Atleta Ako Virtual Challenge and win prizes! A virtual challenge is an event where you can compete anytime, anywhere! Go and work out at home, in your neighborhood, or anywhere accessible to you at your own pace, track and log your distance, and win prizes for reaching your goals! Get started and join this year's Virtual Challenge now!

The Atleta Ako Virtual Challenge 2022 will officially end on
April 24,2022

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Our Challenges

Atleta Sweat

Get into the grind by completing workouts that solely rely on your body.

Atleta Steel

Move not just with your body, but also with equipment that will get you going the distance.

Atleta Fire

Push yourself even further with a challenge that will get you feeling the heat!



About The Atleta Ako Virtual Challenge

Ever since Atleta Ako's first aquathlon in 2015, it has always been our goal to uplift all kinds of people and celebrate their strength. It has become even more important for us to do this now that we're in the middle of a pandemic. We see how everyone has been struggling in these lockdowns and quarantines, leading to a lack of the proper work-life balance. We know how stressful it is to manage all the responsibilities you have to deal with daily, and that's why we invite you to take this challenge. We want to motivate you to get fit and get moving.

Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a seasoned athlete, our challenge has various events and distances for you to choose from. Since we want to help you live a healthy lifestyle, we welcome all participants with any athletic experience!



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